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We are committed to sharing the stories not only of the work we do, but of the people who our organisation exists to serve. 


A Moment Of Me

Podcast: We Need To Talk

One year ago the death of Ann Marie Smith shocked us all. Policy makers, service…

Language Matters

Be a better ally to the disability community starting with language. The words you choose…

A Moment for Ann Marie

In April, it will be 1 year since Ann Marie Smith’s cruel and untimely death. In life, she…

The Purple Orange Podcast: Nice, but not really

You would never go around slinging out disability slurs. The last thing you want is to…

Your Stories: International Day of People with Disabilities

We put a call out, asking people living with disability to tell us what this year's theme,…

The Elephant in the Interview

After graduating from her accounting degree, Daniella Biagi really struggled to get a job.…

Why does Drakes in Hallett Cove recruit people living with disability?

There are lots of reasons to consider hiring people living with disability, from…

Video: It was there all the time

After a terrible life-changing event, Rod Flight reconnects with a dormant passion, but…

Human Rights: What It Means to Me

Purple Orange talk to Our Voice members Gavin Burner and Libby Crawford on why it is…

Speaking Up: What It Means To Me

Our Voice SA members Libby Crawford and Gavin Burner talk about what self-advocacy and…

Covid-19: It feels odd to say this is the upside of this terrible, horrific thing that's happening.

Many people living with disability feel well equipped to handle the social upheaval caused…

Covid-19 Testing: “I was made to feel like I'm nothing.”

When Maria Cantanzariti, who lives with complex disability, needed to get a Covid-19 test,…

More than a man's best friend

We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend. But for Mark, and many people all over…

Demystifying Diverse Communication

Don't let diverse ways of communicating prevent connection. There are always ways to…

Inclusive Education

If kids grow up studying and playing alongside kids who live with disability, then it's no…

Self Managed Supports

Self management gives the client more choice and control.

Men: Let's Talk About Connection

Everyone needs to feel connected, but a lot of men - disability or not - just aren’t…

Don't Fence Me In

Hannah shares her experience of Theatre

Water Consumers Research Project

Word Up and Access Alert

We, as a society, can and must do better.

Minimising and Eliminating Restrictive Practice

Y Connect's Headshot Day

Empowering women living with disability to achieve want they want

How Not To Be A Jerk

Watch, Learn and Share.

Acting is for Anyone

This video is part of Purple Orange's submission to the Meeting of Cultural Ministers…

Let's Talk About Employment

JFY Mentoring

Young people share their experiences having a mentor.

What Makes a Good Support Worker?

Maria shares her thoughts

All About Peer Support

It's a great feeling to connect with others who share your experiences.

Voice. Treaty. Truth. Working Together for a Shared Future.

We spoke with two First Nations People with lived experience of disability about what the…

The Roots of Purple Orange

This video tells the story of how JFA Purple Orange got its name.

Tell Us Survey

We decided to go and find out about people's experiences, and we called it the Tell Us…

The Model Of Citizenhood Support

The Model is a framework for advancing people into good valued lives.

We Need to Talk About Sex

Advocate and Activist: Colin Hiscoe (Reinforce)

There is an empty champagne bottle, proudly displayed as a trophy, in the office of…

Youth led program for more inclusive schools

School is an important time in all of our lives. It’s when we explore what we like to do,…

Peer Networks are Great!

A peer network is a group of people who come together as equals for a common goal.

Claiming your right to risk when you live with disability

When Ellen Fraser-Barbour was 19, she decided to travel on her own to India. Everyone told…

Let's Talk About Straws

We know something needs to be done about plastic waste, which is why campaigns to ban the…

Nick on Assistive Technology

Nick received funding for his i-Device through the Julia Farr Association.