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Noske Christmas Fund FAQs

1. Who is eligible for a grant?

To be eligible for our Noske Christmas Fund grants you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Live with a physical disability, acquired brain injury or degenerative neurological condition
  • Be on low income (disability support pension or equivalent)
  • Live in South Australia


2. What do you fund?

Our Noske Christmas Fund grants support you to cover some of your Christmas expenses. This can include 

  • Christmas gifts for loved ones
  • Food for Christmas celebrations
  • Travel costs linked to Christmas
  • Clothing linked to Christmas 

The maximum grant size for this fund is $150.


3. What don't you fund?

We do not fund costs that are not linked to Christmas celebrations. 

We do not fund alcohol or other drugs.


4. What happens if the cost of the item I want to purchase is more than $150?

If the item you want to purchase costs more than the maximum value of the grant of $150, you will need to pay the difference yourself, or secure the extra money from elsewhere. 


5. Can I apply for more than one grant?

You can apply for more than one grant, but we will only award one grant per person, per year. If you apply for more than one grant at a time, we will only consider one application. 


6. I've received a grant from you before, can I apply again?

Yes – but please don’t assume that you will receive a grant just because we have given you a grant before. If we receive more applications than we can support we will not be able to fund all eligible applications.  


7. How are decisions on grant applications made?

Our team will review your application to make sure it is complete, you are eligible for funding and your request is for costs related to Christmas that we can fund under this program. 

If we have more eligible applications than we can fund, we will select successful applications through a lottery. 


8. When will I hear the outcome of my application?

Applications close at the end of September. Grant applicants are contacted by the end of November to be advised if they have been successful or not. 


9. How is the grant paid?

We ask you to provide bank details in your application form. If you are awarded a grant, we will pay the grant direct into your bank account. 

If your finances are managed by the Public Trustee of by Australian Executor Trustee, please provide these details on your application. If you are successful, we will make the grant payment to the Trustee account.


10. My bank details have changed since I applied for funding. What should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible and give us your new bank details. You can contact us at or by calling our office on (08) 8373 8333.​​​​​​​ 


11. I haven't submitted my application by the deadline. What should I do?

We try to be flexible, but we cannot promise that we will be able to consider late applications. 

Please contact us at or by calling our office on (08) 8373 8333. We will let you know whether we are able to consider a late application. This will depend on how late your application is and whether we have already received more applications than we can support. 


If you have any questions that we haven't answered here, please email us at or call us on (08)8373 8333.


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